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How We Can Help You File an
Insurance Claim for Property Damage.

There are many tedious steps to follow when you file a claim with your insurance company, and failing to follow the required actions can lead to your insurance company denying your claim. Additionally, most insurance policies contain confusing language, and the insurance company will attempt to interpret the insurance policy to favor themselves so they can deny your insurance claim.

Our team will assist you with the following:

  • Review and interpret your insurance policies to determine the

       coverage and benefits available to you.

  • Represent and defend you during recorded statements, examinations

       under oath, and inspections. We will not let your insurance company bully you or manipulate your words.

  • Conduct an independent investigation with our team of experts to determine what evidence we to file a successful insurance claim.

  • Gather all insurance documents, estimates, witness statements, data reports, and other documents to help support your claim.

  • Make sure to file your claim in compliance with your insurance policy and all Florida and federal laws.

  • Negotiate with your insurance company to maximize your settlement, so your property will be repaired or replaced to the same or better condition than before the loss occurred.

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Cost to hire Us?

How much will it cost to hire your law firm?

The short answer - NOTHING!


You will never, under any circumstance, have to pay our attorney's fees or reimburse us for expenses.

Our law firm will advance all costs associated with investigating, negotiating, and resolving your claim, including paying fees for estimators, loss consultants, contractors, engineers, and experts. This will allow us to move forward quickly and efficiently to settle your claim and enable you to focus on what matters most to you.


You pay nothing if we do not recover any money from your insurance company.

No attorney's fees. No expert fees. No costs.

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