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Help with Denied Claim

Denied Claim? How we can help you.

Insurance companies habitually deny property damage claims without proper or legal justification. They send you a denial letter and hope you will not challenge their decision. This is why you need a team of lawyers to aggressively negotiate and fight for your legal

interests. If your claim has been denied, our team will exhaust all options in attempting to resolve the dispute before filing a lawsuit.


Our team will assist you with the following:

  • Review your insurance policy and denial letter to determine if the denial

         was justified.

  • Contact your insurance company to gather all relevant information pertaining

         to your claim.

  • Ensure you have complied with all your post-loss obligations per the terms of

         your insurance policy.

  • Determine if you need additional information or evidence to support your

         insurance claim. If needed, we will hire an expert on your behalf to conduct an inspection of your damaged property.

  • Review all documents, estimates, reports, pictures, and videos relevant to your claim so our team can negotiate a settlement, file an appeal with your insurance company, or request an appraisal.

  • If negotiations reach an impasse, then our law firm will file a lawsuit against your insurance company for breach of contract.

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Rubber stamping "Denied"

Who do Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

Insurance companies regularly deny property insurance claims they know are legitimate. Why do they do this?

THE REAL REASON: Because they are greedy. They are for-profit businesses. They care more about their profits than "protecting you or your property." They will easily take your premium but never want to payout on a claim, even if it is legitimate. They have deep pockets and a team of lawyers, so they deny your claim and hope you will not fight them. They stay profitable by maximizing the collection of premiums and minimizing their payouts on claims.


WHAT THEY MAY ALLEGE: These are the most common reasons insurance companies deny property damage claims:


  • Failure to Mitigate - You failed to protect your property from further damage after the loss occurred.

  • False Statements - You lied to the insurance company.

  • Material MisrepresentationYou made an untrue statement that would have changed the coverage decision.

  • Insufficient Documentation - You did not send enough information or evidence in support of your claim

  • Exclusion - The damages were not covered under your insurance policy.

  • Late Notice - You failed to report your loss to the insurance company in a timely manner.

  • Pre-existing DamageThe loss was from previous damage to your property (before the incident/event).

  • Non-Payment of Premiums - You failed to pay your premium payments or failed to pay them on time.

Cost to hire Us?

How much will it cost to hire your law firm?

The short answer - NOTHING!


You will never, under any circumstance, have to pay our attorney's fees or reimburse us for expenses.

Our law firm will advance all costs associated with investigating, negotiating, and resolving your claim, including paying fees for estimators, loss consultants, contractors, engineers, and experts. This will allow us to move forward quickly and efficiently to settle your claim and enable you to focus on what matters most to you.

You pay nothing if we do not recover any money from your insurance company.

No attorney's fees. No expert fees. No costs.

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