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My Insurance Settlement Offer is Too Low

I received a settlement check but it is not enough to repair my damaged property.

What do I do? How can your firm help me? How much will it cost me? 

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How we wil hep

How can we help you if you have been
lowballed by your insurance company?

Insurance companies will make millions of dollars every year by making lowball offers to their customers because many people will cash the check and not fight back. The insurance company is focused on making profits by collecting premiums and cutting costs by lowballing its customers.

If your settlement offer from your insurance company is too low, here is how

our team can help you:

  • We will review, analyze, and interpret your insurance policies to

       determine the coverage and benefits available to you.

  • We will review all recorded statements, examinations under oath,

       inspections, estimates, data reports, and correspondences relating to your claim.

  • We will conduct an independent investigation with our team of experts to determine what additional evidence is needed to support your claim.

  • We will verify that you filed your claim in compliance with your insurance policy and all Florida and federal laws.

  • We will negotiate with your insurance company to maximize your recovery, so your property will be repaired or replaced to the same or a better condition than before the loss occurred.

  • If negotiations reach an impasse, then our law firm will file a lawsuit against your insurance company for breach of contract.

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Don't Do

What you should not do to help protect your claim?

Insurance companies will look for any reason to deny your claim - for things you do and for things you fail to do.

Here are a few things you should NOT do:

  • Do not cash any checks sent from the insurance, its subsidiaries, or any other

       affiliated companies. By cashing the check, you could be waiving your right to pursue

       legal action or to negotiate a higher payout.

  • Do not talk to anyone from the insurance company about the damage to your

       property without a lawyer present. The insurance agents are trained to

       manipulate you into admitting certain information that can hurt the success of

       your claim.

  • Do not make any statements under oath or execute any notarized documents

       without speaking to a lawyer first.

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Cost t hire Us

How much will it cost to hire your law firm?

The short answer - NOTHING!


You will never, under any circumstance, have to pay our attorney's fees or reimburse us for expenses.

Our law firm will advance all costs associated with investigating, negotiating, and resolving your claim, including paying fees for estimators, loss consultants, contractors, engineers, and experts. This will allow us to move forward quickly and efficiently to settle your claim and enable you to focus on what matters most to you.


You pay nothing if we do not recover any money from your insurance company.

No attorney's fees. No expert fees. No costs.

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