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Founding Barkner & 
Chief Barketing Officer

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Marty is a Founding Barkner of The Wind Law Group, PLLC, and he currently serves as Chief Barketing Officer. Before co-founding The Wind Law Group, PLLC, Marty had no job and spent most of his days sleeping, eating, drooling, and playing with any dog that would venture his way.

Marty's favorite thing in the world (besides his law partners and parents) is a big, all-natural bully stick. His favorite words are any that rhyme with the word "bone". Marty is a big dog with an even bigger heart. He loves all people and animals, even cats. The only time you will ever see Marty upset is when one of our clients has a legitimate insurance claim denied by their insurance company.

Marty is a registered emotional support animal and is currently taking classes to be a certified service dog. In the future, Marty plans to frequently attend hospitals and courthouses to put a smile on the face of children who are going through a difficult time in their lives.

Marty was born in Arizona but now lives in Miami Beach with his mom, dad, and little brother. In his spare time, he loves modeling on Instagram (@marty_the_mastiff).

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